Key Research Interests and Expertise

Our research is concerned with the cytoskeleton in health and disease with a main focus on microtubule and centrosome reorganization during epithelial differentiation. The aims are to determine the mechanisms and molecular bases for the generation and maintenance of non-centrosomal apico-basal microtubules arrays in polarised epithelial cells. The studies address basic cell biological problems as well as issues of importance for advancing our understanding of cancer. Lab.

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Current Research Projects

  • Microtubule and centrosomal organisation in normal and cancer cells
  • Role of +TIP in the formation of apico-basal arrays in polarised epithelial cells
  • Microtubule associated protein in cell migration and epithelial remodelling

Life in our research group 

Our group is located in a well equipped research lab within the BMRC in the School of Biological Sciences. We use a combination of cell, tissue and organoid model systems to study microtubule and centrosomal organisation during epithelial polarisation in normal and cancer cells. GFP- and RNAi-technology and widefield fluorescence, confocal, multiphoton and electron microscopy are being used for live and fixed cell analyses (see for our Bio-imaging facility). We have weekly lab meetings and regularly attend international conferences on the centrosome and the cytoskeleton.

PhD Positions

Click here for current PhD opportunities in Biological Sciences. But feel free to email me to discuss projects outside these areas and alternative sources of funding.

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