External Activities

  • I have reviewed research proposals submitted to the Wellcome Trust; BBSRC; MRC; Netherland Organization for Scientific Research (NWO); Multiple Sclerosis Society; Breast Cancer Research Campaign; Yorkshire Cancer Research; BIG C, Norfolk’s local cancer charity; NC3R; European Research Council; and US National Science Foundation.

    I have also peer-reviewed manuscripts for the following journals: Birth Defects Research; Cell & Tissues Research; Clinical and Molecular Teratology; Development; Disease Models and Mechanisms; European J. Cell Biology; Frontiers in Craniofacial Biology and Physiology; J. Dental Research; J. Anatomy; J. Neurochemistry; J. of Medical Genetics; Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry; Molecular Metabolism; Neuroscience; Nature Genetics; PLoS ONE; and Stem Cells.


    • Member of UK Multiple Sclerosis Societty's Grant Review Panel 1.
    • Developmental Neuroscience Journal
    • International Scholarly Research Network
    • Frontiers on Craniofacial biology
    • World Journal of Clinical Pediatrics


    • 2004 - University College London; Dept. of Anatomy & Developmental Biology.
    • 2005 - King’s College London; Dept of Craniofacial Development and Orthodontics.
    • 2006 - National Inst. for Medical Research, Mill Hill.
    • Lyon, France. French Connective Tissue Society meeting at the Inst. of Protein Biology and Chemistry (IBCP).
    • 2008 - Dept. Cell Morphology & Molecular Neurobiology, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany.
    • 2009 - Experimental Biology 2009/ FASEB - American Anatomical Society symposium: ‘FGF signaling in development and disease’, New Orleans, USA.
    • Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (WIMM), Oxford.
    • 2010 - MRC Harwell, Mammalian Genetics Unit.
    • 2011 - Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London.
    • 2014 - Re-Work Technology Summit, London.
    • FGFs in Health and Disease Gordon Research Conferences, Ventura, California.
    • 2015 - FUSION Conference on FGFs in Development and Repair. Cancun, Mexico.
    • 2016 - FGFs in Health and Disease Gordon Research Conferences, Hong Kong.
    • -Winter meeting of the Anatomical Society of GB& Ireland, London.
    • 2018 - FGF Gordon Conference, Ventura, California.
    • 2019 - FUSION Conference on FGFs in Development and Repair. Bahamas.


    • July 2008 - Teacher Scientist Network (TSN) lecture on stem cells.
    • Dec 2008 - Discussion on the importance and
    • Future of research into stem cells in; Future Radio’s Community Chest programme
    • 2009 - National Brain Awareness week – UEA campus. Presentation on neurological diseases, and showing of the film; ‘Lorenzo’s Oil’ (http://www.myelin.org) to increase awareness of myelin-associated diseases such as ALS and Multiple Sclerosis.
    • 2013 - UEA 50th anniversary Science exhibition.
    • 2014 -  Engagement of national and international media organizations regarding the discovery of tanycytes as a population of neural stem cells in the adult hypothalamus
    • http://voiceofrussia.com/us/tag_110652910/2013
    • http://www.heart.co.uk/norfolk/news/local/norwich-uea-scientists-make-weight-loss-breakthrou/
    • 2015 - Co-organizer of the first international symposium on Tanycytes, as part of Euroglia meeting, Bilbao, Spain
    • 2018 - Co-Organizer and vice-chair of Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on FGFs in Developent and Disease, Ventura, California.

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