Key Research Interests

My research is about understanding the climate of Earth (and other planets), as well as the dynamical and physical processes underpinning climate change, especially:

  • The response of climate to radiative drivers- processes that change the Earth's climatic energy balance

  • The warming contrast between land and ocean under climate change

  • Stratospheric processes and climate

  • Earth system/biogeochemical processes and the physical climate

I accomplish this using a combination of numerical (computer) models of varying complexity and simpler theories. More recently I've been working on the human impacts of climate change, and the study of palaeoclimates. A huge range of disciplines are studied at Environmental sciences at UEA, making for an extremely stimulating research environment.

My research also includes understanding the climates of extrasolar planets and the implications for habitability- this is part of a field known as astrobiology

Research Group Membership

I'm part of the Climatic Research Unit and the Centre for Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences



ID: 67835