Key Research Interests

My past and current research falls in the areas of competition law, industrial economics, tort law and contract law.  I take an economics approach to legal research and in particular make use of game theory to analyse strategic situations where relevant actors are aware of their effects on each other.  My research has been published in economics journals, law journals and law & economics journals such as the Economic Journal, European Competition Journal, European Law Review, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Economic History, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Law and Economics, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies and World Competition. 

My current research is focused on:  

  • Policy arguments used in tort cases;
  • The design of non-compensatory damages in contract law;
  • Practices which facilitate collusive behaviour;
  • The effects of digitalisation and in particular intermediaries in creative industries;
  • Modelling the care home market.


My research has been or are being funded by the Danish Social Science Research Council, the Economic and Social Research Council, The Arts and Humanities Research Council, The Office of Fair Trading, The Legal Services Board, Ofcom, Ofgem, Anglian Water and OECD.


ID: 89636