Key Research Interests and Expertise

Mark’s research interests include Holocaust and genocide denial, far right politics, memory studies: collective memories of genocide, memorial and commemoration of the Holocaust, and representation of Nazism and Hitler in popular culture.



‘“The Men Who Rewrite History”: Holocaust Denial in the British Far Right from 1967’ in N. Copsey and M. Worley (eds) Tomorrow Belongs to Us: The Far Right since 1967 (London, Routledge: 2018).

‘Alexander Ratcliffe: British Holocaust Denial in Embryo’ in P. Behren and O. Jensen (eds), Holocaust and Genocide Denial: A Contextual Perspective (London, Routledge: 2017).

‘Review: C. Sharples and O. Jensen, Britain and the Holocaust: Remembering and Representing War and Genocide (Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan: 2013)’ in Immigrants and Minorities: Historical Studies in Ethnicity, Migration and Diaspora (Volume 34, Issue 1, 2016), 92-94. 

‘Writing “History” for Hitler: Holocaust Denial Since 1945’ in C. Carmichael (ed.), The Routledge History of Genocide (London, Routledge: 2015), 196-206.

ID: 16929200