Marie-Noëlle Guillot is Emeritus Professor of Linguistics and Translation  Studies at the University of East Anglia (UEA), Norwich. During her career at the UEA,  she taught French, Linguistic and Translation Studies, with particular focus on issues of intercultural communication in a globalized world in latter years. Her research shifted from applied linguistics to cross-cultural pragmatics, and to audiovisual translation from a cross-cultural pragmatics perspective. She has a particular interest in cross-cultural representation, and has explored the question in museum translation and in film subtitling. It was the main theme of the 2016-17 ARHC-funded international network project for which she was the Principal investigator - Tapping the Power of Foreign Language Films: Audiovisual Translation as Cross-cultural Mediation (AHRC Grant AH/N007026/1) and main Guest Editor for the resulting Special Issue publications (see below). She is currently Co-Editor of the research journal Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice.

Guillot, M.-N, Pavesi, M. and Desilla, L (Eds) 2019   'Audiovisual Translation as Intercultural Mediation', Multilingua  Special Issue 38(5).

Guillot, M.-N. (Ed.) 2020  'Theories, Data, Methodologies: AVT through the Lens of Multidisciplinarity with Ocean’s Eleven', Perspectives Special  Issue  28(6). 

Other publications in translation include 'The pragmatics of audiovisual translation: Voices from within in film subtitling' (Journal of Pragmatics 170, 2020), ‘Ocean's Eleven stand-alone Scene 12 with subtitles - a gift for teaching, what lessons for research?’ (in Guillot Ed. Perspectives  'Theories, Data, Methodologies: AVT through the Lens of Multidisciplinarity with Ocean’s Eleven', 28(6), 2020), 'Subtitling’s cross-cultural expressivity put to the test: A cross-sectional study of linguistic and cultural representation across Romance and Germanic languages' (In Guillot, Pavesi and Desilla Eds Multilingua),  'Audiovisual Translation as Intercultural Mediation', 38(5), 2019), 'Subtitling on the cusp of its futures' (in Pérez-González Ed., The Routledge Handbook of Audiovisual Translation Studies, 2019), 'Subtitling and Dubbing in Telecinematic Text' (in Locher and Jucker Eds) de Gruyter Handbooks of Pragmatics: Pragmatics of Fiction, 2017), 'Communicative rituals and audiovisual translation - representation of otherness in film subtitles' (META, 2016), 'Cross-cultural pragmatics and audiovisual translation' (in Ramos Pinto and Gambier (Eds) Target Special Issue ‘Audiovisual Translation: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges’, 2016), ‘Cross-cultural pragmatics and translation: the case of museum texts as interlingual representation’ (in House Ed. 2014), ‘Stylization and representation in subtitles: can less be more?’ (Perspectives: Studies in Translatology, 2012), ‘Film subtitles and the conundrum of linguistic and cultural representation: a methodological blind spot’ (in Luginbühl and Stefan Eds, 2012), ‘Film subtitles from a cross-cultural pragmatics perspective: issues of linguistic and cultural representation’ (The Translator, 2010).

Marie-Noëlle Guillot was also the initiator and main organiser of the Cross-cultural Pragmatics at a Crossroads conference series at the UEA – ‘Speech Frames and Cultural Perception’ (2006), ‘Linguistic and Cultural Representation across Media’ (2011), ‘Impact: Making a Difference in Intercultural Communication’ (2013) –, and guest-edited the special issues of research journals that arose from each: ‘Cross-cultural Pragmatics – Pragmatique comparée à la croisée des chemins: cadres du discours et perceptions culturelle’. Journal of French Language Studies 20.1: Special Cross-cultural Pragmatics Volume (CUP, 2010), ‘Intercultural Communication at a Theoretical and Methodological Crossroads: Cultural and Media Interfaces’ Special Issue of Language and Intercultural Communication,12 (4), 2012, ‘Border Crossings in Language: Intercultural Encounters at the Crossroads of Disciplines’. Special Issue Multilingua 34(6), 2016.






Career: Free-lance translation 1982-94;

Part-time teaching UEA 1982-94;

Part-time Senior Research Associate UEA1992-94;

Lecturer UEA 1995-2008;

Senior Lecturer UEA in French, Linguistics and Translation Studies (1 Aug 2008)

Professor in Intercultural Communication and Translation Studies (1 Aug 2017)

Emeritus Professor Linguistics and Translation Studies (2 Aug 2020)

Academic Background

Licence ès Lettres (English and Applied Linguistics), University of Strasbourg (France), 1977;

Maîtrise (Applied Linguistics), University of Strasbourg (France), 1979;

PhD (Applied Linguistics), University of East Anglia, Norwich (UK), 1990.

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