Key Research Interests

Maren  is a specialist in quantitative impact evaluation methodologies. Her key research areas cover development economics, applied micro-econometrics, impact evaluation, systematic reviews and meta-analysis, microfinance, replication and reproduction of quantitative analyses as well as research ethics. She has replicated the results of microfinance impact evaluations in Bangladesh, and spent extensive time in the field conducting her own microfinance evaluation in India.

She was particularly engaged in the replication of the microfinance impact evaluation published by Pitt and Khandker which can be comprehended by working through the following documents listed below:

Duvendack, M. & Palmer-Jones, R., 2012. “High Noon for Microfinance Impact Evaluations: Re-investigating the Evidence from Bangladesh.” Journal of Development Studies, 48(12):1864-1880.

The following files contain the “High Noon…” paper as well as the online appendix:

You will need these two files to replicate the “High Noon…” paper in STATA: (right click and choose 'Save Target As...') (right click and choose 'Save Target As...')

Matthieu Chemin and Mark Pitt both commented on our "High Noon..." paper and our short response to their comments can be found in JDS:

Further to this, Matthieu Chemin published longer comments ( on our “High Noon…” paper and our response to these can be found here:

The following files are needed to comprehend and replicate the points we are making in our response to Chemin's longer comments:

Mark Pitt also published a longer comment ( on our “High Noon…” paper and we respond as follows:

The following data and code are needed to replicate the points we are making in our response to Pitt’s longer comments:




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