Teaching Interests

For undergraduates my lectures and project supervisions (maths and science students) embrace fluid mechanics (years 2,3,4) and the history of mathematics (year 3), particularly tracing ideas in the differential and integral calculus since the ancient Greeks. My lectures include a stream in `Maths for Scientists' for years 1-2. This includes complex numbers and differential eqs, integration, series and elementary fluid mechanics -- all elements in modelling natural processes. I have also lectured complex analyis to year-2 students. I have lectured at all academic levels from Basic Maths I and II (for Foundation-Years), all the way up to advanced topics for postgraduates, e.g. research skills and Nonlinear Waves. Final-year MMath + BSc projects include modelling oscillating lighted candles, how a person stays warm (or keeps cool), Spiral of Archimedes, wind gusts on trees, dynosaur flight, and how a thrown stone can bounce on the sea's surface. 

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