Teaching Interests

I teach on the following modules:

  • BIO-3001B Further Biology
  • BIO-3002A Introductory Biology
  • BIO-4001A Biodiversity
  • BIO-4008Y Skills for Biologists
  • BIO-4013Y Molecules, Genes and Cells
  • BIO-5006A Plant Biology
  • BIO-5009A Genetics
  • BIO-5011A Clinical Genetics
  • BIO-5015B Microbiology
  • BIO-6007B Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions
  • BIO-6013A Genomes, Genes and Genomics
  • BIO-6023Y Integrated Labratory Research Project
  • BIO-6025Y Plant Biotechnology for Sustainable Food Production
  • ENG-4005Y Enegeneering Studies

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