Key Research Interests and Expertise

How to improve health care, and so improve population health

  • Primary health care, especially in Africa and South America, low and middle income countries, and the NHS
  • Innovation, integration and evaluation of health care for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, respiratory disease, diabetes, hypertension, depression, cancer, and other long term conditions
  • Implementation research: how to get evidence into practice through complex interventions aimed at changing professional, organisational behavour, for example using education and clinical practice guidelines. What that means is illustrated here: (I have worked with the KTU continuously for 20 years). 


Multi-disciplinary health services research methodology

  • Health care evaluation of effectiveness, efficiency and equity using epidemiologic, economic, statistical and quantitative modelling methods
  • Clinical epidemiology, pragmatic randomised trials, quasi-experiments and clinical cohort studies
  • Evaluation of diagnostic tests and screening programmes
  • Causal inference and effectiveness estimation from observational data


ID: 141635