Key Research Interests

My research is mainly concerned with migration and material culture. I have worked for many years in Lusophone Africa (Guinea-Bissau and Angola), where I looked at the social and cultural aspects of food, and their integration in economic life. More recently I have started researching migration in the UK, and I became interested in the use of photography and creative writing, and in arts-based methods of research more genereally. My work has involved a combined use of visual and oral narratives in the study of racism, political attitudes and social inequalities in the context of Brexit in Great Yarmouth, and I am currently involved in a ESRC-funded international research project on Coastal Transformations (, where I coordinate the WP on Heritage in the East Anglian region of the UK, looking at experience, discourse and performance in people's memories of the past. I also coordinate a Museum-University partnership, funded by the Arts Council, that explores issues around migration in Norfolk through a combination of arts and research.

ID: 30741573