Key Research Interests

Current projects

From transit to destination country: changing refugee trajectories (with C. Panzaru) 

The role of the urban environment in attracting skilled workers (with C. Margea)

I am the co-ordinator and contact person of the Migration Research Network at the UEA.

I am a member of the Romanian Migration Network and an associate of the East European Centre for Research in Economics and Business.


Earlier projects

The value of public art.

Modeling dynamic systems of unemployment with labour mobility.

Economics students' changing expectations.

From study to work. Analysing EU graduates’ destinations based on UK HESA data.
International study prospects: a Romanian case study. 


Earlier Research Output (as L. Hiris)

‘International Labour Mobility: Recent trends in Romanian migration’, in A human resources perspective on performance in organisations, ed. D. Abrudan, 2010. Timisoara: Solness Press.

'The Social Context of European East-West Migration’, in Migration, Mobility and Human Rights at the Eastern Border of the European Union - Space of Freedom and Security, eds. G. Silasi and O. L. Simina, 2008. pp. 27-50. Timisoara: West University Press.

‘New migrants in the North-East of Scotland’, July 2007, in Aberdeen Business Journal, Scotland.

‘The mobility of CEEC workers: a comparative study of Romania and Bulgaria’, in The new economists on the Romanian economy, eds. D. Daianu and M. Isarescu, 2003. Bucharest: The Romanian Academy.


Book Review of Chiswick’s ‘The Economics of Immigration’, in Economic Issues, March 2007, 12(1): pp. 125-27.

Book Review of Artis, Banerjee and Marcellino’s ‘The central and eastern European countries and the European Union’, in Journal of Common Market Studies, December 2006, 44(5): pp. 1112-13.

Book Review of Zimmermann’s 'European Migration: What do we know?', in Economic Issues, September 2006, 11 (2): pp. 88-91.

Book Review of Venturini’s ‘Post-War Migration in Southern Europe, 1950-2000. An Economic Analysis’ in Economic Issues, March 2005, 10(1): pp. 72-4.


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