Dr Fernand was made an Honorary Lecturer in March 2009.

I have worked with ENV for a number of years. Most notably with Professor Tim Jickells and Prof Karen Heywood. 

Projects include the transport and fate of the UK derived nutrients in the North Sea.  Which investigated the role of the high sediment concentration in the East Anglian plume supressing the uptake of nitrogen

In other projects  we were  amongst the first to identify extensive thin layers of very high primary production in the North Sea near the base of the sunlit surface waters and quantified the significance of this thin layer of production for the total primary production estimates of the North Sea.  (See Fernand et al., 2015, Weston et al., 2006)

In recent work using the UEA glider fleet, i have worked with Bastien Quest (PhD Student ) to investigate the spatial extent of oxygen depletion in the North Sea and used gliders to investigate the mechanisms of oxygen depletion. (See Quest et al., 2015,2016)

Students from ENV were key parts of the Marine Ecosystems connections project. Which studied links through out the water coloumn at a number of key sites in North Sea.(See Marine ecosystems connections special issue).

I have participated in approximately 30 cruises, 10 as scientist in charge. Most of those cruise had particpation from ENV PhD and MSc students who have  gathered data on various topics, such as availability of dissolved carbon, primary production experiments and nitrogen uptake rates.

Most recently I have been involved with providing the science base for the new nuclear builds at Sizewell and Minsmere. Most of this work involves coastal processes, and I work very closely with two ENV alumni, Dr Tony Dolphin and Dr John Bacon.

I am currently a co-supervisor of  Phd Student Matt Bone - who is investigating the mechanisms of nutrient renewal in the shelf seas.

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