Key Research Interests and Expertise

Currently, my two research foci are enhancing the quality of cross-national methodologies used to collect qualitative and quantitative data on poverty and vulnerability throughout the life course and supporting rigorous qualitative and mixed methods evaluations. I am part of the gender and impact evaluation research groups at UEA and co-organiser of the research network, 'As Well as the Subject: Additional Dimensions in Development Research Ethics'

Doctoral Research Students

I have supervised 24 masters and ten doctoral students to completion, and am currently supervising six doctorates:

 – Current

  • Claudia Linan Segura, 2015 ‘Aspirations and expectations amongst Mexican Youth: The role of educational and labour policies in the transition out of high-school’ (co-supervisors Maria Abranches and Kate Jere)
  • Stephanie Shankland, 2016 ‘What is the role of social metrics in how aid institutions leverage private sector (MNC) resources for social impact and poverty reduction?’ (co-supervisor Maren Duvendack)
  • Jean Cader, 2017 ‘How does the application of targeted cash transfer schemes assist in ending extreme poverty in Karamoja?’ (co-supervisor Ben Jones)
  • Lucas Sempe, 2017 ‘Social cohesion as a critical factor of school and community transformations. A comparative longitudinal project evaluation in six Latin American countries using mixed methods’ (co-supervisor Lucio Esposito)
  • Agathe Dupeyron, 2018 'Whether evaluation techniques from the field of international development can be used to evaluate the impacts of archaeology on local communities and development in an Andean context?' (co-supervisor George Lau)
  • Thais de Carvalho, 2018 ‘How is 'childhood' understood and experienced in a transnational ethnic context in Latin America?' (co-supervisor Caitlin Scott)

 – Completed

  • Jomkwan Yothasamut, 2012-2016 ‘Understanding of socio-cultural factors that influence childhood obesity among pre-schoolers in Bangkok Metropolitan’ (co-supervisor Michael Pfeil)
  • Will Monteith, 2012-2016 ‘The composition and function of politics in a historical marketplace in Kampala, Uganda’ (co-supervisor Ben Jones)
  • Sonja Marzi, 2012-2016 ‘Young Colombians' Aspirations in Cartagena de Indias: Navigating Spaces and Futures’ (co-supervisor Esther Priyadarshini)
  • Carole White, 2011-2015 ‘Social resilience and place identity in the small-scale “Cromer Crab” fishery, North Norfolk, UK.’ (co-supervisor Catherine Locke)
  • Dabesaki Mac-Ikemenjima, 2010-2015 ‘Exploring a mixed methods approach towards the development of a new measure of quality of life of Nigerian students’ (co-supervisor Lucio Esposito)
  • Kate Orkin 2009-2015 ‘Non-schooling factors influencing children’s time allocation to work, school enrolment, grade attainment and test scores’ (co-supervisor Stefan Dercon)
  • Kaneta Choudhury (p/t) 2006-2015 ‘Quality of life in Bangladesh: an exploration of people's goals, values and resources’ (co-supervisor Joe Devine)
  • Hannah Hoechner 2010-2014 ‘The educational experience of Almajirai in Kano, Nigeria’ (co-supervisor Raufu Mustapha)
  • Bethlehem Tekola 2005-2009 ‘Making Sense of Childhood Poverty: Perceptions and Daily Experiences of Poor Children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’ (co-supervisor Chris Griffin)
  • Faith Martin 2004-2007 ‘Investigating What Is Important To Quality Of Life: Validating The “Global Person Generated Index” In Northeast Thailand’ (co-supervisor Karen Rodham)


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