Key Research Interests and Expertise

Laura’s research focuses on social cognition (emotion recognition, attribution) and emotional intelligence (trait and ability models), emotional resilience, particularly in applied settings, for example: at work, work-life balance, recruitment and selection, parenting and youth offending. Laura is a member of The Centre for Research on the Child and Family.

Laura was Principal Investigator on a three year (2012-2015) ESRC-funded Future Research Leader project examining emotional intelligence in social work. For more information go to

PhD Research

Fathers and work family life: Psychosocial influences.

Previous Research Associate Contracts

UEA - Evaluation of Shropshire Children’s Fund 2006, Shropshire County Council.
Lead investigators: Dr R.McEune, Prof. M. O’Brien

UEA - Norfolk Young People’s Needs Assessment 2007: Substance misuse, vulnerability and service engagement, Norfolk Drug & Alcohol Action Team. Lead investigators: Dr V.Scaife, Prof M.O’Brien

UEA - Looked after children and offending - Research project funded by the Big Lottery and in partnership with The Adolescent and Children's Trust - 2010-2011. 


Paper presentations

Biggart, L., Ward, E., Cook, L., Stride, C., Schofield, G., Corr, P., Fletcher, C., Bowler, J. (2016). Emotional Intelligence in Social Work. European Social Work Research Association Conference, Lisbon.

Biggart, L., Ward, E., Cook, L., Stride, C., Schofield, G., Corr, P., Fletcher, C., Bowler, J. (2015). Can Emotional intelligence be trained? International Society for the Study of Individual Differences Conference, Canada

Biggart, L. & Schofield, G. (June 2012). 'Looked after children and offending: social cognition'. British Psychological Society, Division of Forensic Psychology Annual Conference, Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Biggart, L. & O’Brien, M. (July 2010). Fathers’ working hours: fatherhood status or career stage? International Sociological Association World Congress, Gothenburg, Sweden: Joint Session RC06, Men, work and parenting.

Biggart, L. & O’Brien, M. (April 2009). 'Fathers, work and family: Trait emotional intelligence and work family conflict'.  The International Community, Work and Family Conference, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Indicative Publications

Biggart, L., Ward, E., Cook, L., Schofield, G. (2017), The team as a secure base: Promoting resilience and competence in child and family social work. Children and Youth Services Review, 83 (Supplement C),119-130.

Biggart, L., Ward, E., Cook, L., Stride, C., Schofield, G., Corr, P., Fletcher, C., Bowler, J., Jordan, P., Bailey, S. (2016). Emotional Intelligence and Burnout in Child and Family Social Work: Implications for policy and practice: Research Briefing. Norwich: Centre for Research on Children and Families, University of East Anglia.

Biggart, L., & O’Brien, M. (2010). UK fathers’ long work hours: Career stage or fatherhood?. Fathering, 8(3), 341-361.

Biggart, L., Corr, P., O’Brien, M., & Cooper, N. (2010). Trait emotional work and work-family conflict in fathers. Personality and Individual Differences, Vol 48, Issue 8, 911-916.

Schofield, G., Ward, E., Biggart, L., Scaife, V., Dodsworth, J., Larsson, B., Haynes, A., & Stone, N. (2012). Looked After Children and Offending: Reducing Risk and Promoting Resilience.

ID: 139708