In 2016, I graduated from Cardiff University with a BSc (Hons) in Zoology, where I developed a keen interest in ornithology and spatial ecology. As part of my degree, I spent 12 months in the Bornean rainforest conducting my own year-long research project on the home range and behaviour of the Philippine slow loris. This involved nocturnal fieldwork using radio telemetry to track tagged individuals. I was also able to assist on multiple other projects becoming experienced with remote-tracking technology on a wide range of species.

Since graduating, I have worked on multiple research projects, including work for the BTO, RSPB, and Cardiff, and Coimbra University. These projects have involved metabarcoding to investigate the diet of the European nightjar, European storm petrel, Pied flycatcher, and Madeiran storm petrel. I gained these molecular skills through my undergraduate dissertation on the diet of Welsh woodland birds.

Prior to starting my PhD, I spent the summer of 2018 as a voluntary assistant warden at Skokholm Island Bird Observatory. I am also a ‘C’ permit bird ringer, and have assisted numerous long-term ringing projects, such as the Storm Petrels in Portugal Project, for which I have helped run for the past three years.

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