In summary: I've worked in the private sector, the public sector, the higher education sector and have started and run a small business. I remain a founding partner in a consultancy and continue as a consultant, facilitator and trainer. I'm also a Director of a UEA company.

I am very enthusiastic about education; having left School at 16 to be a factory hand, I spent 14 years doing part-time courses from A-levels to PhD.  Then had a break and did an MBA part-time.

Currently I am the Associate Dean of Admissions for the Faculty of Social Sciences, leading and supporting seven schools to recruit 40% of our university student intake. In addtion, currently I am working on special projects for new cross faculty courses.   I’m also a Senior Lecturer in Strategy being module organiser for three post-graduate modules (MBA/MSc).

Recently I have been the Associate Dean for Enterprise / Innovation in Social Sciences and previously within the Business School I was the Director of Admissions and the Director of Enterprise, Engagement and External Relations.

I was the inaugural course director of the world's first MBA in Strategic Carbon Management and then the first course Director of our MSc Enterprise and Business Creation; both special courses form involving schools from across the faculties at UEA.

Personal interests centre on the interface of the organisation with its marketplace and how the organisation can achieve greater sustainable success.    Specifically this includes: strategy, marketing, business development and sales which are linked with an understanding of the behaviour of buyers and sellers, and the behaviour of people within the organisation.

I have a particular interest in professionals and organisations who are new or relatively new to the commercial environment, e.g. public-sector, organisations, technology based business, new consultancies, etc.  These organisations have knowledge and experience relevant to marketplace and now wish to develop / reconfigure their resources and capabilities to increase the revenue stream.  Previously a research scientist, I retain a specific interest in the commercial exploitation of scientific knowledge and other technology areas, e.g. engineering, and in the commercial exploitation of research in general.

I've had the pleasure to publish two books recently both aimed at a wide audience:

  • A practical pocket guide to strategy called ‘Strategic Management' published in the ‘Essential Managers series by Dorling Kindersley; and,
  • A guide to anyone wanting or needing to write a business plan called ‘Brilliant Business Plan published by Prentice Hall.

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