I specialise in U.S. history, especially the way American state and private actors have been involved in foreign affairs during the twentieth century, particularly the cold war. I am interested in the international and transnational forces that have shaped the U.S. in the world.

My current work examines the history of U.S. national security whistleblowing and the politics and culture of information disclosure. I have published in Journal of American History and Washington Post, and am co-editor of Whistleblowing Nation: The History of National Security Disclosures and the Cult of Secrecy (forthcoming Columbia University Press). You can find more on the project website.

My first book, The United States, Italy, and the Origins of Cold War: Waging Political Warfarewas published by Cambridge University Press and I have edited a special issue of Intelligence and National Security on U.S. foreign relations, intelligence, and international history. My articles have appeared in journals including Diplomatic History, Cold War History, Modern Italy, and Ricerche di Storia Politica.

I am happy to supervise research students working on the U.S. and the world; the international and transnational cold war; foreign relations history; protest and dissent; intelligence and cultures of secrecy; and modern Italy.

I joined UEA in 2011, after positions at the University of Warwick and University College Dublin. I completed my Ph.D. at the University of Birmingham and studied at the University of California, Los Angeles and University of Padua, Italy. I have held visiting positions at New York University, University of Bologna, and University of Oxford.

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