Key Research Interests and Expertise

My research group tries to understand the processes occurring in the ocean that are important for climate.  I am primarily an observational oceanographer, enjoying going on research cruises, but I also like to use numerical models, satellite remote sensing, or whatever tools seem appropriate. At the moment I am enthused by the new opportunities offered by ocean gliders, autonomous robots that can make measurements of the ocean in places that are otherwise too difficult.  This includes trying to understand the ocean-ice interaction in the Antarctic.

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I have participated in the following research cruises:

RRS Discovery 145                 North Atlantic              February-March 1984

RRS Charles Darwin 22           Indian Ocean               April-May 1987

RRS Charles Darwin 24           Indian Ocean               June-July 1987

RRS Challenger                      North Sea                     August 1988

RV Wecoma                           Eastern Pacific             January-February 1989

RRS Charles Darwin 62           North Atlantic              August-September 1991

RRS Discovery 199                 South Atlantic              Dec 1992-February 1993

RRS James Clark Ross 10 (Chief Scientist)       Southern Ocean    March-May 1995

RRS James Clark Ross 40 (Chief Scientist)       Southern Ocean    March-April 1999

RRS James Clark Ross 80 (Chief Scientist)       Southern Ocean     April-May 2003

RRS James Clark Ross 106                             Nordic Seas            August-September 2004

RRS James Clark Ross 158 (Chief Scientist)     Weddell Sea            February 20007

RRS James Clark Ross 255 (Chief Scientist)     Weddell Sea            February 2012

RRS James Clark Ross 294 (Chief Scientist)     Amundsen Sea        January-March 2014.


I am the leader of the UEA Glider Science group, the only UK university group owning and operating ocean gliders. I have led and piloted deployments of UEA’s Seaglider fleet in the North Atlantic (2010, 2012-2013, 2014), North Sea (2010, 2013), Weddell Sea (2012), Ross Sea (2010-2011), Amundsen Sea (2014), Mediterranean (2014, 2016) and Indian Ocean (2012, 2015, 2016). I have also led mooring deployments in the Southern Ocean (2010-2011).

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