I am Professor of Physical Oceanography in the Centre for Ocean and Atmospheric sciences (COAS), School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia (UEA), UK.   I am a physicist by background, which I then applied to ocean physics.I have devoted my career to furthering understanding of physical processes in the ocean, often using new observational technology (e.g. satellite altimetry in the 1980s and 1990s; ocean gliders in the 2010s). In the 1990s I was active in the World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE), leading (as Chief Scientist) one of the UK’s two large WOCE hydrographic sections, A23, from Antarctica to Brazil in 1995. These high-quality sections now form the basis of current climate change assessments and the gold standard against which models are evaluated. My current research is global (e.g. Antarctic, Indian Ocean, North Atlantic), and I enjoy close scientific collaborations with biogeochemists, meteorologists and numerical modellers. Most of my current work uses autonomous vehicles (ocean gliders and my autonomous surface vehicle Caravela and addresses processes of ocean, ice and atmosphere interaction.

I particularly enjoy supporting early career researchers as they venture into science. I have supervised over 40 PhD students and over 20 postdoctoral researchers. 

PhD Opportunities

I am currently advertising the following PhD projects with a deadline for applications of 12th January 2021. They all offer fieldwork opportunities at sea, most likely in the Antarctic.

Ocean and Ice: Fresh Water Budget of the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica

How does the Ocean Influence Glacial Melt in the Arctic and Antarctic?

Forensic Oceanography: How Does Winter Leave a Fingerprint in the Ocean? 

Upper Ocean pH gradients in Antarctic Polynyas

Will Climate Change cause the Ocean to run out of Breath?

Other PhD Positions 

Click here for other PhD opportunities in the School of Environmental Sciences. 

Feel free to email me to discuss possible projects, either those listed above, or other suggestions in observational oceanography.




2000                Fellow of the Challenger Society for Marine Science

2009                Georg Wüst prize, biennial prize given by the German Society for Marine Research and Ocean Dynamics to an excellent mid-career scientist for outstanding contributions to the general field of oceanography

2010-2011       Royal Society Leverhulme Senior Research Fellow

2010                Honorary Doctorate, University of Gothenburg

2015                Oceanography award from the Society for Underwater Technology

2016                Challenger Medal, the premier award of the Challenger Society for Marine Science

2016                Nominated by SCAR as part of Celebrating Women in Antarctic Research Wikibomb event

2019               Made a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union

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