Key Research Interests

Kimberley’s research is primarily based within the framework of self-determination theory and aims to (i) accurately measure and map the motivational determinants of adaptive and maladaptive engagement in learning environments (i.e., education, sport, and exercise); and (ii) utilise this information to inform the implementation and evaluation of intervention programmes designed to facilitate optimal motivation, performance, and well-being in these contexts. Her interests in this area include the use of online platforms in intervention work with teachers (in association with Iris Connect) and young people (in association with Noise Solution) and focuses on the way in which we can develop and assess digital resilience (funded by UK Research Innovation, eNurture). Kimberley is also interested in the influence of educational practices on sustained health-conducive behaviour (healthy eating and exercise).


Kimberley would welcome applications from potential PhD candidates which are inline with these research interests.


Indicative Publications

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ID: 8301635