Key Research Interests and Expertise

I'm interested in identity and wellbeing, particularly in times of transition, like becoming a parent or entering higher education.

Current research students:

Carys Seeley: Children's understanding of death.

Recent research students:

Sophie Bagge (2019): A Journey from Science to Art: Valuing the voices of women in the exploration of traumatic childbirth and perinatal mental health. 

Jessica Brennan (2017): The developmental trajectory of the caregiving behavioural system through pregnancy and the first year of motherhood

Ella Mickleburgh (2017): Adult attachment orientations and information processing (Primary supervisor Dr Andrew Bayliss)

Jinnie Ooi (2016): Anxiety-related cognitions in close relationships.

Gareth Edwards (2016): Social orienting in gaze-based interactions (Primary supervisor Dr Andrew Bayliss)

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