Jonathan Wilson is Associate Professor in Marketing and Business Research within Norwich Business School (NBS). 

He is a recipient of the UEA 2018 Sir Geoffrey and Lady Allen prize in teaching. The award recognised his innovative approaches to teaching and emphasis on authentic learning. One example of the latter is The UEA/CIM Marketing Club. In December 2016, Jonathan established a marketing club in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). The first of its kind in the UK, the purpose of the club is to hold a series of events throughout the year that brings together marketing students and practitioners. These events are extremely popular with students as they provide an opportuntiy to network wih practitioners, work on real-world marketing problems and learn about different areas of marketing practice.  

He is a Senior Fellow of the HEA (2016) and has been a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing since 2004. Jonathan is Associate Director of Learning and Teaching Quality in NBS. He is author of the best-selling book ‘Essentials of Business Research: A Guide to Doing Your Research Project’, the content of which includes examples of real-world research and ‘The Honeycomb of Research Methodology’ ©. This is a framework designed to support students’ learning of the key concepts of research. His book is used as a core text for more than 40 courses, in institutions across more than 8 countries, including the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Russia, Sweden and the U.S.

Jonathan has more than 20 years of experience teaching marketing. His teaching experience includes delivering a wide range of marketing and research based subjects at all levels. Jonathan has also taught on marketing and business programmes to employees from leading multinational companies, such as: Barclays, British Airways, Sinopec, Bosch, Deutsche Bank, and Mars.

Current interests include: Authentic learning, Business Research and Marketing Education.  



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Academic Background


Jonathan completed his PhD in International Marketing at Middlesex University in 2006. He also holds degrees in Business Studies (BA), master’s degrees in Marketing (MA) and Chinese Business and International Relations (MSc), and an MPhil in Educational Research from the University of Cambridge. His teaching qualifications include a PGCE (University of Greenwich 2000) and FHEA (achieving SFHEA status in 2016).

His research interests focus on Marketing Education, Business Marketing and Chinese Brands. He has published papers on UK-Chinese joint venture relationships and doing business in China. In addition, he is author of Essentials of Business Research: A Guide to Doing Your Research Project (2014, Sage Publications).

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