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Jonathan’s research is primarily in Model Theory, a branch of Mathematical Logic and its applications to algebra and number theory. Within Model Theory he specialises in stability theory, particularly in the setting of abstract elementary classes, and applications to exponentiation.  

He has taught a variety of subjects for undergraduates including Model Theory, Mathematical Logic, Real Analysis, Calculus, Combinatorics, and Computability. He has also taught Category Theory to PhD students via the MAGIC consortium of universities. 

Jonathan studied Mathematics at Cambridge University, obtaining an MA and also completing a Certificate of Advanced Study. He has an MSc in Mathematical Logic from the University of Manchester, and a DPhil from the University of Oxford. Subsequently he was a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and an EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Oxford, before coming to UEA in 2009.

Follow this link for details of current PhD opportunities in Mathematics. But feel free to email me to discuss projects outside these areas and alternative sources of funding.


Research Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2006-2007
EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oxford, 2007-2009
Lecturer in Pure Mathematics, UEA, 2009 - 2014
Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, UEA, 2014 - 2019

Reader in Mathematics, UEA, 2019 -

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