Key Research Interests and Expertise

My current research in Greece continues from my PhD (completed in 2008) with Mike Leeder, Julian Andrews and Peter Rowe.  The study methods include fieldwork, drainage systems modeling and analysis, sequence stratigraphy and dating of associated fossil material, with collaborators from Athens University, Greece, Bergen University, Norway.  The Gulf of Corinth is also the focus of research with Victor Bense, Paul Dennis and PhD students Sian Loveless and Jennifer Macdonald towards understanding fluid dynamics of fault zones in unconsolidated sediments.

Corals and marine shells from Greece and Cyprus are the focus of PhD student Sam Royle's study testing marine fossil as recorders of high resolution palaeoclimate conditions, which I am supervising with Julian Andrews (Primary Supervisor).

Quaternary palaeoclimate research in the UK includes the challenges of resolving the number and timing of glaciations in East Anglia.  This continues my MSc in Quaternary Science at Royal Holloway, University of London.  My palaeoclimate interests now extend to warmer climates on establishing the rate and magnitude of sea level change during the last interglacial from marine and terrestrial sediments in Greece with Julian Andrews, Peter Rowe and Mike Leeder.

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