Teaching Interests

Jan is a committed educator with a passion for lifelong learning; she supports the idea of lecturers being involved in their own professional development as teachers by continually reflecting on their pedagogy and practice. She advocates an inclusive, holistic and, where possible, personalised approach to teaching and learning and is keen to provide students with a wide range of educational experiences and opportunities. Jan strongly believes that students should be encouraged to develop their academic study skills as an integral part of the HE learning process; she also considers it important for them to be introduced to self and peer assessment strategies which help inform and direct their learning and providing opportunities and practice. She believes that students, who feel supported, valued and engaged, are more likely to fulfil their potential.

Teaching responsibilities 2014-15

SY PGCE(M) Professional Development semianr group - (PD Coordinator)

BA in Education modules:

Year 1: Academic Development in Education (co-tutor)

Year 2:What is Teaching? (module convenor)

Year 2: Outdoor Learning - (contributor)

Year 3: Creativity and Learning - (module convenor)

BA in PE:

Year 1: Academic Skills in PE - (module convenor)


ID: 83178