Key Research Interests and Expertise

My PhD project aims to bring the emerging natural resource of marine carbon to life. The ecosystem service provided by natural carbon sequestration and storage in shelf seas has the potential to be utilised in climate change mitigation strategies in ways similar to othe rnatural stores of carbon such as rain forests and coastal Blue Carbon. Key to the project is the conceptualisation of marine carbon as an international common pool resource and therefore one that requires at least a minimum level of international co-management. This is simlar to fish - another 'blue' resource that requires international co-management. By researching the hypothetical governance and management of this potential marine carbon resource (and analogues such as fish and nutrient pollution), I hope to  inform policymakers on how the resource can best be utilised and governed to help combat climate change.

As such, my research interests centre on the following fields: environmental governance (especially marine and fisheries), blue carbon, carbon economics, political ecology, theoretical geography, commons studies, environmental philosophy, and natural resource managment.

The chosen project research methods focus on social and qualitative methods, including expert consultation (Interviewing, Q-Methodology), Stakeholder Mapping and Scenarios Analysis.

ID: 163782210