Key Research Interests and Expertise

Jack completed his PhD in Sept'18. This was undertaken with the School of Economics and investigated the determinants of UK Higher Education participation across multiple cohorts. His external examiners were Prof. John Micklewright (UCL) and Dr. Jo Blanden (Surrey). 

This PhD research is interdisciplinary but broadly falls under the Economics of Education. Specifically, he assesses the changing cultural and social influences with respect to UK Higher Education participation. To do this he utilises 3 cohorts, namely the National Child Development Study (NCDS), British Cohort Study (BCS70) and Longitudinal Study of Young People in England (LSYPE). In his first chapter he estimates a logistic model of HE participation for the NCDS and BCS70, controlling for a range of individual (including a measure of cognitive ability) and background characteristics. To this he added some simple comparable measures (principal components) of Cultural and Social Capital. His second chapter estimates a more comprehensive model for the more recent LSYPE cohort. The main contribution of this chapter is to introduce additional measures of Habitus and contextual forms of Social Capital (at home and at school). His last empirical chapter, which also utilises the LSYPE, estimates a multilevel logistic model (given the data’s two-stage stratified sampling design), with the aim of assessing the role schools and their characteristics play in relation to these capitals and Higher Education more generally. To his knowledge this is the first UK focused study to explore the influences of these capitals on determining who goes on to study in Higher Education. 

Jack is actively looking to pursue a variety of related research projects in the future.

ID: 159667