Teaching Interests

Dr Vermeiren has extensive teaching experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has offered more than thirty different modules, mainly in modern German and European history, but also in art history, historical theory, political and social thought, and contemporary European politics. He holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Practice (PGCERT) and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Vermeiren was twice shortlisted for a UEA Teaching Award (in 2014 and 2015).

Teaching Activities

Level 4:

  • Introduction to Modern History
  • The Age of Extremes: Europe 1918 to 2001

Level 5:

  • Modern Germany, 1914-1990

Level 6:

  • The First World War: A New History
  • The Third Reich


  • Nationalism and Violence in the Twentieth Century
  • Historical Research Skills
  • The 'Golden Twenties': Weimar Culture and the Spirit of Modernity (Specialist Tutorial)
  • Battle Myths of the First World War (Specialist Tutorial)

Recent Supervision (Selection)

Undergraduate Dissertations

  • Identities and Loyalties in the Napoleonic Rhineland, 1799-1814
  • The Formation and Consolidation of the Nation-State: Italy and Germany in Comparison
  • The German Campaigns against France in 1870 and 1914
  • The Crisis of Masculinity in the Weimar Republic
  • The Origins and Evolution of Nazi Architecture
  • Nazi Perceptions of Britain and the British, 1920-39
  • Medical Experiments in Nazi Germany
  • Gestapo and NKVD: A Comparison
  • The Battle of the Atlantic: The Cooperation between Luftwaffe and Submarine Force
  • The German Occupation of the Channel Islands
  • The Nazi Occupation of Denmark and Norway
  • The Role of Women in the French Resistance
  • The War Crimes of the Wehrmacht in the European East
  • The Grey Eminence: Martin Bormann’s Role in the Third Reich
  • Victor Klemperer's Diaries and the Social Death of Germany's Jews, 1933-39
  • The Family in the Holocaust: A Study of Family Life in Nazi Ghettos and Camps
  • Conceptual and Methodological Problems of Holocaust Testimonies
  • The Occupation of Post-War Germany and the Origins of the Franco-German Friendship, 1945-49
  • The Prague Spring and the Velvet Revolution: A Comparison

MA Theses

  • Propaganda, Art and Symbolism in World War One
  • Anglo-French Relations in World War One
  • Nazi Germanisation Policies in the Annexed Eastern Territories
  • Mobilisation Strategies of the Red Army Faction and the Red Brigades
  • The Populist Vision of Contemporary Democracy: A Cross-European Examination
  • The Ideological Development of the NPD from 1996 to 2011
  • Finality Debate and Flexible Integration: Opt-Outs in European Law
  • Assessing Europeanness: The EU and Cyprus as a Frozen Conflict
  • Effects of EU Conditionality: The Roma Minority in Bulgaria
  • The 2009 European Elections in the Portuguese Press
  • Multiculturalism in United Germany, 1990-2013

PhD Topics

  • Friedrich Ferdinand von Beust - A Political Biography
  • Italian Liberalism and the Contradictions of the Penal System, 1887-1911
  • German-Hungarian Relations, 1906-1914
  • British Germanophobia and the First World War, 1914-1918
  • Civil Resistance in Poland during the Summer of 1980 in its Domestic and International Context
  • 'Westalgie' and the Legacies of the Bonn Republic

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