Jan Vermeiren studied Modern History, Politics, and German Literature at Humboldt University of Berlin, the Free University of Berlin, and University College London (UCL), followed by a PhD at the UCL Centre for European Studies. He has taught at UCL and the University of Essex, and guest lectured at the Universities of Salzburg, Venice, and Leuven. Vermeiren has held various awards, including a Marie Curie Doctoral Fellowship, scholarships from the DAAD and the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, and a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award.

Dr Vermeiren is Director of the Institute for the Study of Ideas of Europe, which hosts an international research network and runs the International Encyclopaedia of Ideas of Europe, a peer-reviewed online resource ( He is co-editor of History: The Journal of the Historical Association and of Ideas beyond Borders: Studies in Transnational Intellectual History (Routledge).

Dr Vermeiren's first book is entitled The First World War and German National Identity: The Dual Alliance at War (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016). It investigates the essence and intensity of the spirit of solidarity between the German Reich and the Habsburg Monarchy, often described in terms of 'Nibelungentreue', and examines the extent to which the war coalition led to a re-evaluation of the 'kleindeutsch' paradigm in Imperial Germany and more openness to different conceptions of the German nation. Reviews in The American Historical Review, The Journal of Modern History, European History QuarterlyCentral European History, Austrian StudiesHungarian Historical Review, Střed/Centre, and H-Net.


'The First World War', in Cambridge Handbook on the History of Nationhood and Nationalism, ed. by Cathie Carmichael, Matthew D'Auria, and Aviel Roshwald (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020).

'"Ankläger des imperialistischen Krieges" und "führender Repräsentant der sozialistischen Literatur der DDR". Ein Beitrag zur Rezeptionsgeschichte Ludwig Renns nach 1945', in Das Rote Erbe der Front. Der Erste Weltkrieg in der DDR, ed. by Nicolas Offenstadt and Emmanuel Droit (2020).

with Mark Hewitson (eds.), Europe and the East: Self and Other in the History of the European Idea (in preparation).

with Florian Greiner and Peter Pichler (eds.), Reconsidering Europeanization: Ideas and Practices of (Dis-)Integrating Europe since the 18th Century (in preparation).

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