Jules is an agricultural and environmental economist concerned with fostering livelihoods that meet human needs while respecting environmental constraints. He has worked extensively as a consultant, and publishes academic and policy papers based on his experience coupled with desk-based research.

He earned his PhD in Agricultural Economics from the University of Oxford. It examined the local knowledge used by small-scale farmers in Tanzania to inform their decisions vis-à-vis natural resource management on their farms. It looked at how this knowledge changes in response to shifting resource constraints and exposure to outside knowledge, and how different farmers negotiate such changes.

Jules’ work as a consultant has focused primarily on Sub-Saharan Africa. Clients have included the African Development Bank, Agence Francaise de Developpement, CARE, COMESA, DFID, European Union, IFRC, Oxfam, TearFund, UN Environment and the World Bank. His expertise includes small-scale agriculture, climate adaptation and mitigation, edible algae, agro-ecological practices, and cost-benefit analysis. He began his career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal, where he spent two years living in a remote village and working as an agricultural extension agent. He has also lived in Ethiopia and Tanzania.

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