External Activities


  • Calpain Therapeutics.  Assessment of potential of calpain inhibitors as anti-cataract drugs.
  • Pfizer. Novel ocular delivery devices.
  • Evotec. In vitro evaluation of lens toxicity.
  • Biologie Servier. In vitro evaluations of lens toxicity.
  • Novatis UK Ltd. In vitro study of lens toxicology.
  • Marine Harvest. Cataracts in farmed salmon.
  • BBC television programme looking at the human body "Dr Alice Roberts:  Don't die young".

Invited Reviews

  • Sanderson, J., Dartt, D., Trinkaus-Randall, V., Pintor, J., Civan, M., Delamere, N., Fletcher, E., Salt, T., Grosche, A., Mitchell, C (2014).  Purines in the eye : recent evidence for the physiological and pathological role of purines in the RPE, retinal neurons, astrocytes, Müller cells, lens, trabecular meshwork, cornea and lacrimal gland.  Exp. Eye Res, 127.pp. 270-279.
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Learned Societies

  • Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
  • International Society for Ocular Cell Biology


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