Joe Purshouse is a lecturer in criminal law. His research focuse on how advances in technology shape policing law and practice in several contexts. In particular, Joe has published several evaluations of the police use of facial recognition technology, arguing that the polcie are using facial recognition in a legal vacuum. More recently, Joe has evaluated English law's response to the emergence of online child sex abuse activists (commonly known as paedophile hunters). His PhD research examined the extent to which the privacy interests of those subject to the criminal process are recognised and afforded adequate protection in England and Wales. 

Joe joined the School of Law in 2016 having previously worked at the University of Nottingham and the Sheffield College as a module tutor in criminological theory, researching criminology, and the criminal justice system. He completed his MA Socio-legal and Criminological Research and his LL.M Criminal Justice at the University of Nottingham. Under the supervision of Professors Paul Roberts and John Jackson, he completed his doctoral studies in 2017. Joe has published in leading law journals, including the Modern Law Review, Public Law, Criminal Law Review, and Cambridge Law Journal




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