Key Research Interests and Expertise

My research combines field and theoretical approaches to answer key questions in ecology and conservation. I'm particularly interested in how animal movements influence their population dynamics, focussing on dispersal and migration in birds.

To examine this we are studying the mechanisms that underpin individual movement decisions, and how these give rise to different patterns at the population scale. This will help us to predict how species will respond to future threats such as climate change.

Current projects:

  • Migratory decisions in the Lesser Kestrel. In this project we are studying the causes and consequences of different migratory strategies in this colonially-breeding falcon. We use a range of techniques to track the migratory movements of individals (stable isotope signatures, solar geolocation, satellite tagging) in a Spanish population that includes both residents and long-distance migrants. This allows us to examine how differences in migratory behaviour influence individual fitness.
  • Land-use change in the Colombian Choco-Andes. This project uses field data and economic simulations to examine future land-use scenarios in one of the most species-rich and under-studied biomes on earth. 
  • Using global datasets to examine patterns and consequences of migratory behaviour.
  • Using individual-based models to understand the cognitive processes involved in macro-scale animal movements, and how these influence spatial population dynamics.
  • Understanding the mechanistic causes of long-range dispersal and its implications for extinction and colonization dynamics.
  • Developing novel methods to analyze sparse demographic data in threatened species studies.


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