I was awarded a BA, MA and PhD in History from the University of the West of England and I was appointed Lecturer in Modern History at UEA in 2011. My research and teaching focuses upon the nature of British imperial rule on the peripheries of Empire.

Research projects

My first monograph 'Britain in Egypt: Egyptian Nationalism and Strategic Choices, 1919 – 31' examines the genesis of Egyptian nationalism and British attempts to mollify it in order to maintain its position at the crossroads of empire.

Forthcoming publications include a co-edited diary with Kent Fedorowich of Sir Earle Page’s wartime mission to Britain. This wartime account provides crucial insights into Anglo-Australian, Anglo-dominion and American-Australian wartime relations during a critical phase of the Second World War.

I am currently working on a biography of John Loader Maffey, an imperial administrator who was instrumental in policy-making at the strategic nodes of empire – the North-West Frontier of India, the Sudan and as Britain’s first ambassador to Ireland upon the outbreak of the Second World War.

I would welcome applications from students wishing to work on the above areas or topics related to British imperial history.

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