External Activities

Most of my enterprise and engagement activities revolve around the research activities that I undertake. As detailed elsewhere, my research focuses on:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and business ethics;
  • Sustainability;
  • Climate Change, Environmental, and Energy Policy;
  • The 'Green Economy';
  • Public Policy-making and Governance, particularly in the European Union;
  • Regulation/de-regulation;
  • Business Lobbying Behaviour;

In connection with this research I have secured several funds and grants that have permitted and facilitated engagement with other academics, public sector policy-makers at the EU, national and local government level, private sector/business organisations and also the third or voluntary sector.

For example, I have jointly led an ESRC funded seminar series concerned with the ‘Green Economy’.  Paper-givers have included scholars from across the UK and beyond and also practitioners representing organisations such as the Ecology Building Society, Pennine Prospects, English Nature, the Green Investment Bank, Terrafiniti and other think-tank organisations such as Change that Matters, Volans, and Chatham House.

I have jointly run three UACES funded academic and practitioner collaborative research networks (CRN) since 2006, whose members are drawn from about 10 different countries and who carry out research in a number of disciplines (including political science, economics, history, law, geography and environmental studies, and management studies) and who focus on EU sustainability, environmental and energy policy.

In addition to these activities I have also organised a number of major international conferences such as the jointly UACES and EU funded entitled ‘Energising Europe: ‘Climate Change, Energy Security and Europe’s Next Big Project’ in 2006 and delivered a number of EU Jean Monnet Lifelong Learning Programmes projects such as the ‘Communicating EU Citizenship’ Project in 2009-10.

I have also been a Board Member for an Erasmus Mundus Programme called ‘Enhancing Studies and Practice of Social Economy and Social Capital in Higher Education’ from 2012 to 2015.

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