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Julea is Professor of Biophysical Chemistry at UEA. She studies redox-active metalloproteins - both to elucidate their biochemistry and explore their rational use for solar chemicals production. A range of methods are employed including molecular biology, protein engineering, electrochemical and spectroscopic characterisations. In recognition of her achievements Julea received a Royal Society Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship in 2015 and the inaugural Young Investigator Medal from the British Biophysical Society. Previously, Julea pioneered the study of adsorbed electroactive proteins for novel perspectives of their biochemistry with Professor Fraser Armstrong, FRS (University of Oxford). This approach, adopted by groups around the world, has become known as protein-film electrochemistry (PFE). 

Julea contributes to teaching in the Schools of Chemistry and Biological Sciences through lectures, seminars and laboratory classes with a focus on topics in biochemistry, reaction kinetics, spectroscopy, electrochemistry and protein structure. She was Deputy Head of the School of Chemistry (2011-2015), Associate Dean for Post-Graduate Research in the Faculty of Science (2011-2014), Director of the Biochemistry Degree Programmes (2006-2011) and a member of the team that launched the School of Pharmacy at UEA.

Enquiries from potential postgraduate and post-doctoral scientists interested in our lab are always welcome ( Studentship and employment opportunities will be advertised via the usual channels and UEA website. Julea has two opportunities for PhD students wishing to join the group through the BBSRC Doctoral Training Programme (see above)  you can also click here for current PhD opportunities in the School of Chemistry and Biology.


Recent Publications:

Photosensitised Multiheme Cytochromes as Light-Driven Molecular Wires and Resistors.
van Wonderen JH, Li D, Piper SEH, Lau CY, Jenner LP, Hall CR, Clarke TA, Watmough NJ, Butt JN.
ChemBioChem (2018)

Direct Evidence for Heme-Assisted Solid-State Electronic Conduction in Multi-heme c-Type Cytochromes.
Garg K, Ghosh M, Eilash T, van Wonderen JH, Butt JN, Shi L, Jiang X, Futera Z, Blumberger J, Pecht I, Sheves M, Cahen D.
Chemical Science (2018) 9:7304-7310

Structural Modeling of an Outer Membrane Electron Conduit from a Metal-Reducing Bacterium Suggests Electron Transfer via Periplasmic Redox Partners.
Edwards MJ, White GF, Lockwood CW, Lawes MC, Martel A, Harris G, Scott DJ, Richardson DJ, Butt JN, Clarke TA
Journal of Biological Chemistry (2018) 293:8103-8112

Electrochemistry of Surface-Confined Enzymes: Inspiration, Insight and Opportunity for Sustainable Biotechnology.
Jenner LP, Butt JN
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry (2018) 8:81-88

Light-driven H2 evolution and C=C or C=O bond hydrogenation by Shewanella oneidensis: A versatile strategy for photocatalysis by nonphotosynthetic microorganisms.

Rowe SF. Le Gall G, Ainsworth EV, Davies JA, Lockwood CWJ, Shi L, Elliston A, Roberts IN, Waldron KW, Richardson DJ, Clarke TA, Jeuken LJC, Reisner E, Butt JN. 

ACS Catalysis (2017) 7:7558-7566

Multilayered lipid membrane stacks for biocatalysis using membrane enzymes.

Heath GR, Li M, Rong H, Radu V, Frielingsdorf S, Lenz O, Butt JN, Jeuken LJC.
Adv. Funct. Mater. (2017) 27:1606265

High performance reduction of H2O2 with an electron transport decaheme cytochrome on a porous ITO electrode.
Reuillard B, Ly KH, Hildebrandt P, Jeuken LJC, Butt JN, Reisner E.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2017) 139:3324–3327

Making connections: an amphiphillic ferrocene stimulates bacterial electricity production.
Davies JN, Clarke TA, Butt JN.
Chem (2017) 2:162-170



  • Royal Society Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellow 09/2015 to 09/2016
  • Professor of Biophysical Chemistry, University of East Anglia 09/2010 - present
  • Reader, University of East Anglia 09/2004 to 08/2010
  • Lecturer, University of East Anglia 09/2001 to 08/2004
  • Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow, University of East Anglia 09/1997 to 08/2001
  • Post Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Wageningen, NL 05/1995 to 07/1997
  • Post Doctoral Research Fellow, National Institutes of Health, USA 09/1993 to 03/1995
  • PhD, University of California Irvine, USA 1993
  • BA Natural Science - Chemistry, First Class Honours with Distinction in Quantum Mechanics, University of Oxford, 1989

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