Key Research Interests and Expertise

All aspects of volcanology from the communication of hazards associated with volcanic eruptions to the ways in which magma is stored prior to eruption. Current research includes: volcanic risk reduction (Caribbean, Ecuador and Colombia); the interaction between rainfall and volcanic activity (both lahars and primary activity); pre-eruptive storage conditions and its impact on volcanic behaviour ; the communication of volcanic hazards in the Caribbean and the volcanic history and hazards of the Ascension Islands.
I am currently the Principle Investigator for two projects: (i) the ESRC-NERC funded ‘Strengthening Resilience to Volcanic Hazards’ STREVA Project. The link can be found here: and (ii) a new Leverhulme Funded Project focussed on understanding volcanism on Ascension Islands: Ascension Project Website

 Some Recent Publications (direct links to #OA publications)


  • Hicks, A., Barclay, J., Mark, D.F. and Loughlin, S. (2012) Tristan da Cunha: constraining eruptive behaviour using the 40Ar/39Ar dating technique. Geology, 40(8), 723-726


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