Academic Background

With a background in social anthropology my research interests include cosmopolitanism, social identity, othering and interaction in the context of global work, cross-border mobility of transnational professionals in international organisations and management consultants implementing change. My work has appeared in Human Relations, Critique of Anthropology, European Journal of International Management, Social & Cultural Geography, Organization, The Conversation and in books from Palgrave Macmillan and Information Age Publishing.


Media contributions

The complex world of the global citizen


BBC Worklife (International), United Kingdom, Web


To be cosmopolitan you don’t have to be rootless or a member of the global elite


The Conversation (International), Web


Research outputs: 

Imagining ‘non-nationality’: Cosmopolitanism as a source of identity and belonging


How European academics are feeling about life in Britain a year after Brexit vote


The Conversation (International), United Kingdom, Web




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