Key Research Interests and Expertise

In my research I have extensively examined the antecedents, processes and outcomes of creativity at the individual, team and organisational levels. One of my specific research interests relies on understanding how human resources management practices can foster creativity. To this end I have designed a high performance work system for creativity measure, which can further be used for research and organisational development purposes. Another aspect I explore is the extent to which creativity is related with organisational performance. My research has shown that the relationship between creativity and financial performance is an interesting and complex one, being contingent on factors such as leader-member exchange and environmental dynamism. As part of my research agenda I plan to continue building my profile as a creativity researcher by combining my expertise on creativity with my interest in other relevant literatures. I plan to examine the concept of organisational ambidexterity, which is organisation's ability to achieve today's business performance, and simultaneously adapt to the changing environment, on the relationship between creativity and firm performance. My research agenda also involves exploring in further depth the psychological processes through which physical spaces and environments can affect creativity in organisations.

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