Key Research Interests and Expertise

Irene Biza’s research is in the area of Mathematics Education with a focus on the mathematical learning at the university and upper secondary level, the pedagogical use of Information Technology (IT), mathematics teachers’ mathematical and pedagogical discourses, mathematics lecturer’s pedagogical practices, communities of practice in university mathematics and inclusive mathematics education.  She is the leader of the MathTASK, a collaborative research and development programme in the UK, Brazil and Greece on mathematics teachers’ pedagogical and mathematical discourses and the transformation of teacher aspirations into pedagogical practices. 

Research Keywords

Teaching and learning of Calculus

Mathematics teachers’ discourses

Inclusive mathematics education

Use of technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics

Communities of practice in university mathematics

University mathematics pedagogical practices


Full list of publication here.

Research Group Membership

Research in Mathematics Education Group, UEA

ID: 78870