Professional Activities

I am currently Vice-President of the Surtees Society—the oldest society dedicated to the publication of records in the British Isles and founded by the remarkable (if not entirely likeable) James Raine (1791–1858).

I am also a member of the Pipe Roll Society and the British Numismatic Society. 

Perhaps most importantly, I am also a proud friend of Fishbourne Roman Palace—one of the largest and most impressive villa complexes from Roman Britain and very likely the palace of the British king, Tiberius Claudius Togidubnus. We should all be friends of Fishbourne Roman Palace! Here is a link:

I have also worked as a historical consultant on a number of films and television series. My experience on these productions—my conversations and collaboration with stunt men and armourers, with dialogue coaches, set designers, and costumiers, with actors, directors, and script writers—has instilled in me a sensitivity to the limits of historical evidence and to the enduring contribution of all artistic endeavours (including and especially cinema) to historical understanding. This work has certainly made me a better teacher and historian.

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