Key Research Interests and Expertise

I am interested in teaching research and the student experience. I have worked in collaboration with Dr Harriet Jones and Professor Kay Yeoman (BIO, UEA) along with colleagues across UEA and at other institutions looking at student and staff perceptions of feedback (HEA Biosciences). I also have an interest in students’ motivations and reasons for class attendance versus absenteeism (funded by a UEA Teaching Fellowship with Prof Laura Bowater (MED)).

Research Projects

  • Investigating students’ reactions (both initial and reflective) to the feedback they receive on their coursework (HEA Biosciences - with Dr Jones and Prof Yeoman (BIO) and other colleagues from UEA and other institutions)
  • An analysis of what motivates BIO and MED students to attend classes and what drives student absenteeism (UEA Teaching Fellowship with Prof Laura Bowater MED)

PhD Positions

Please email me to discuss PhD opportunities and projects within the School of Biological Sciences.

ID: 16858