Teaching Interests

My teaching is largely in the area of ‘biomedicine’, the molecular basis of disease, at both undergraduate and post-graduate level. My lectures cover the composition and function of the extracellular matrix, and the cell and molecular changes which underlie different connective tissue diseases.

In addition, I particularly like to be involved in small group teaching, and participate in a variety of seminars that are designed to support student learning in subjects such as mathematics, chemistry, human physiology, cell biology and cancer biology.

I teach undergraduates and postgraduates on the following modules:

  • Skills for Biologists (4008Y)
  • Foundations for Chemistry and Physiology (4009Y)
  • Investigation of Human Disease (2B30)
  • Cell Biology (2B06)
  • Human Physiology (2B05)
  • Biomedicine (3C34)
  • Cancer Biology (3C27)
  • Frontiers in Molecular Medicine - MSc (M201)
  • Experimental Techniques in Molecular Medicine - MSc (M203)
  • Postgraduate Employability Programme (M82Y)
  • Research Skills (M64Y)
  • MBBS Module 02 - Locomotion (MED undergraduate teaching)
  • MSc Physiotherapy

ID: 102194