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Garth Jones undertook a BSc at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Following that he completed a PhD under Michael N. Paddon-Row at the same institution in 2002. Since then he has worked at the University of Essex, the Dipartimento di Chimica "G. Ciamician", Universita' di Bologna, Italy and at University of California, Berkeley where he spent time as a visiting scholar in 2008/9 visiting Graham Fleming’s group, while undertaking an EPSRC 'Life-Sciences Interface' Fellowship from 2006-2009 in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Essex. He has been at UEA since 2010. 
He is a physical chemist who uses computational and theoretical techniques and is principally interested in excited state dynamics of molecules and light-molecule interactions. He develops mixed quantum-classical approaches to perform simulations of important processes in physical chemistry such as electron transfer, electronic energy transfer and photodissociation.

Selected publications

Interpreting angular momentum transfer between electromagnetic multipoles using vector spherical harmonics
R Grinter, GA Jones
Optics Letters 43 (3), 367-370, 2018

Perspective: Quantum Hamiltonians for optical interactions
DL Andrews, GA Jones, A Salam, RG Woolley
J. Chem Phys 148 (4), 040901, 2018

Quantum delocalization in photon-pair generation
KA Forbes, JS Ford, GA Jones, DL Andrews
Physical Review A 96 (2), 023850, 2017

A Theoretical Investigation into the Effects of Temperature on Spatiotemporal Dynamics of EET in the FMO Complex
CG Gillis, GA Jones
J. Phys Chem B 119 (11), 4165-4174, 2015

 A quantum dynamical comparison of the electronic couplings derived from quantum electrodynamics and Förster theory: application to 2D molecular aggregates
JE Frost, GA Jones
New Journal of Physics 16 (11), 113067, 2014


  • Lecturer in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, University of East Anglia (since July 2011)
  • Lecturer in Physical Chemistry, University of East Anglia (Fixed-Term – September 2010-June 2011).
  • Applications Developer, Sunrise Systems Ltd., Cambridge (Mar. 2009 - Apr 2010).
  • EPSRC Fellow, 'Life-Sciences Interface' Program (Mar. 2006 - Feb. 2009).
  • European Union Postdoctoral Fellow, Dipartimento di Chimica, Universita di Bologna, Italy (Mar. 2005 - Feb. 2006).
  • Senior Research Officer, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Essex (Mar. 2003 – Feb. 2005).
  • Post-doctoral Research Associate, School of Chemistry, University of New South Wales, Australia (Sept. 2001 - Feb. 2003).

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