Gabrina Pounds studied German Language and Linguistics at the University of East Anglia. After finishing her degree she had two children (1989 and 1990) and was employed as an Associate Tutor of Italian at the same university. In 1996 she began her PhD study in Linguistics on a part-time basis, while continuing to teach Italian and some Linguistics at UEA. In 2001 she was appointed to the full-time position of Director of Language Resources at UEA and was responsible for the running of the University-wide Language Programme (ULP). She completed her PhD in 2003 with a thesis focusing on the expression of attitude in Letters to the Editor in English and Italian. In 2005 her appointment was confirmed and she has since been working as ATR Lecturer B and Senior Lecturer (since 2014), teaching a number of modules in Applied Linguistics (discourse analysis, pragmatics and socio-linguistics) and producing research in the area of discourse analysis, particularly expression of emotion and attitude.



1991-2001 Associate Tutor (Italian), University of East Anglia

2001-2005 Director of Language Resources/ Lecturer (Linguistics and Italian), University of East Anglia

2005 Lecturer B (Applied Linguistics), University of East Anglia

2014 Senior Lecturer (Applied Linguistics), University of East Anglia

Academic Background

1989 BA Hons 1st class (German Language and Linguistics), University of East Anglia

2003 PhD (Discourse Analysis), University of East Anglia

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