Key Research Interests and Expertise

My main research interests are focused on the affective dimensions of nursing with a central focus on how to promote dignity, care and compassion.  I undertook an action research project as part of my Masters in Higher Education in 2011/12; this project explored pre-registration student nurse views of patient dignity.  The data from this project was then used to develop educational activities which promote patient dignity within the pre-registration curriculum.  I hope to undertake further research into patient dignity within the acute care environment using an action research approach for my EdD. 


A patient's right to dignity in the perioperative environment
Baillie, L., Huggins, D., Parlett, G. (2014) Journal of Operating Department Practitioners 2(1): 32-36.

Conference presentations

2011       CARN Conference, Vienna. 

Concurrent presentation: “Promoting patient dignity within pre-registration nurse education:

an action research project”

2012       FINE (Federation of International Nurse Educators) Conference, Cardiff, Wales.

                Concurrent presentation:

                “Student nurses experiences of attending a promoting patient dignity seminar”

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