Dr Gavin Nobes, Associate Professor in Psychology, teaches Developmental Psychology and Forensic Psychology, and is the School of Psychology's Senior Adviser. Before joining UEA in 2007 he was a Principal Lecturer at the University of East London. Between 1990 and 1994 Gavin was a researcher at the Thomas Coram Research Unit and the Institute of Child Health, University of London, where he worked on a project on the physical punishment of children. His PhD (University of Bath, 1992) concerned children’s moral development, and his first degree (University of Oxford, 1983) was in psychology and philosophy.

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Indicative Publications

Nobes, G., Panagiotaki, G., & Russell Jonsson, K. (2018). Child homicides by stepfathers: A replication and reassessment of the British evidence. Journal of Experimental Psychology: GeneralDOI: 10.1037/xge0000492

Siegal, M., Nobes, G., & Panagiotaki, G. (2011). Children’s knowledge of the Earth. Nature Geoscience, 4, 134-136.

Nobes, G., Panagiotaki, G., & Pawson, C. (2009). The influence of negligence, intention and outcome on children’s moral judgments. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 104, 382-397.

Nobes, G., Smith, M., Upton, P., & Heverin, A. (1999). Physical punishment by mothers and fathers in British homes. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 14, 887-902.

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