External Activities

  • Philip Leverhume prize for Science, 2003-2005 (£50000).
  • Associate Editor, IEEE Trans. PAMI 2005
  • General Chair Colour Imaging Conference, 2001
  • Funded lectures: Image Processing, Sweden, 2001, 1st conference in Graphics, Imaging and Vision, Poitiers, France, 2002. The Gjovik Colour Conference, Norway, 2005
  • Visiting Researcher, Computing Science, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver CANADA (yearly)
  • Visiting Researcher, Ecole Polytechnic Federale Lausanne, summer 2008
  • IEEE Workshop on color and photometric methods in computer vision (Program Chair, International Computer Vision, 2003)
  • Keynote Speech, Conference of the Color Association of Taiwan, 2007
  • Keynote Speech, Norwegian Color Conference, 2005
  • Keynote Speech, Swedish Conference on Image Processing, 2001
  • Chief Technical Officer, Im-Sense Ltd. Incorporated 2006
  • Board member for IS&T (Society for Imaging Science and Technology)

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