Key Research Interests and Expertise

Gavin Cawley is part of the Computational Biology Group and the Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Group

Gavin's current research interests include a continuation of his post-graduate research on neural networks in speech synthesis, and classification of atmospheric circulation patterns (also using neural networks), in collaboration with Dr Steve Dorling.


Selected Publications:

Saadi, K., Talbot, N.L.C., and Cawley, G.C. Optimally regularised kernel Fisher discriminant classification. Neural Networks, Volume 20, Issue 7, Page(s) 832-841, 2007.

Cawley, G. C. and Talbot, N. L. C. Preventing over-fitting during model selection using Bayesian regularisation. Journal of Machine Learning Research, Volume 8, Page(s) 841-861, 2007.

Cawley, G. C. and Talbot, N. L. C. Gene selection in cancer classification using sparse logistic regression with Bayesian regularisation. Bioinformatics, Volume 22, Number 19, Page(s) 2348-2355, 2006.

Cawley, G. C. and Talbot, N. L. C. Efficient leave-one-out cross-validation of kernel Fisher discriminant classifiers. Pattern Recognition, Volume 36, Issue 11, Page(s) 2585-2592, 2003.

ID: 55047